Pa Pa Pa PLEASE Jcrew!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wahoo! I did it! I turned in my application for Jcrew. Ladies and Gents, let's be kind enough to Miss Rachel here and keep your fingers crossed that I get the job! I need this job, I desire this job. I've got to have it.

I think I have a good chance. Thank the heavens above, their printer was slow that day and they ran out of applications to fill out, so I got to wait around for a good amount of time till they handed me my application. While waiting, I just chatted up a storm with the women working there! We talked about this seasons collection and flipped through pages of the catelogs and then this one girl showed me her outfit she recently bought from Jcrew that she is going to wear to this wedding this weekend. The whole point of her outfit was to get her ex's attention- even though she has so desire to have him whatsoever. clever eh?

But besides that- the women working there are so nice! And fun! And the store is so bold and colorful which will keep me sane and my spirits lifted! So once again-- cross those fingers of yours. please and thank you.

dear jcrew.
hire me.
i'll be your best catch.


1 comment:

Jake and Jenna said...

you are so funny. i'm crossing my fingers for you. you'll get it, don't worry.

this might tickle your fancy

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