For Crying Out Loud.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, here I am. It's exactly 1:38 am eastern time. To the new person that I am, I would call this very late. In Utah, I would call this the beginning of a night. But now I am on a new schedual according to father Robbins and I must obey his law. I won't lie, I kind of enjoy the going to bed early thing. Unfortunately- I am still on Utah time. So technically, it's 11:39 pm. It's not even the next day! You know? And I am wide awake. And Macie here, my Mac is quite the friend. Photobooth that is. Check out how pathetic and bored I am. I went out of my way to make a note saying, "I love you photobooth; best friend." It didn't even turn out. My face looks like a fool and apparently this camera is like a mirrior. Didn't think about that. And you know what- even if I was tired I couldn't possibly fall asleep with this humid heat! It's hot as the freaking Sarhara dessert upstairs; I can't even breath! I think the heat is on. Actually, I know it's on. For instance, today, I was doing Dancing With the Stars Cardio ( I know, right?) and I could feel the heat blasting on me begging me to have a stroke. I go, "Mom, why the world is the heat on?" She claims she's cold... but tell me something, are we not in the south? Im a bit troubled... I am sitting here, with this massive ghetto fan blowing on me- I feel like I am at girls camp. It's awesome. So on that note- I am wasting my life away on this blog thing. Im going to try and call it a night. Don't be surprised if I am back and at it again.


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