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Saturday, May 31, 2008

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was in the 3rd or 4th grade ready to jet down south to the mothership. Georgia. My home sweet home with out an OSU football team.

5 things on my to do list...
1. Tidy up my room.
2. Watch Dr. Wayne Shows. A chore from my father.
3. Go Running. Im on a roll.
4. Drop off and pick up medicine.
5. Ah, yes... buy some Jergens lotion that I want to test out.

5 Snacks...
1. Wheat thins
2. Strawberries
3. Dry Cereal; Organic Rasin Bran
4. Bananas & Peanut Butter
5. Dried Apples

If I were suddenly a millionaire...
I would travel the world. I would hit up Africa, Paris, Thailand, Eygpt, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Figi, Moracco, and wherever the wind may take me.

3 bad habits...
1. I bite my nails until I have none.
2. I LOVE to find dark strans of hair on my head and I'll pick every single one out and look at the root of it. I'll sit on the sink and do this for hours. This is the reason why I get to bed so late.
3. I am the night owl. I love to stay up late. It's when I have the most energy. School didn't help much with the no curdfew thing. I roamed the nights.

4places I have lived...
1. Medina, Ohio
2. Racine, Wisconsin
3. Provo, Utah
4. Marietta, Georgia

jobs I have had...
1. Dream Bridal Boutique. shoot me. some say they don't count it as a job. whatever, i made some doe until i got laid off...? what?
2. Assistant at Salon Arcaro: I wash hair for a living

5 things people don't know about me...
1. When I was little i refused to wear any type of clothing that wasn't from gap kids, or had writing on it. brat.
2. My mom made me join the Band in middle school. Now a days I think the band is awesome. They give the football games their beats and jams. They pump the crowd. But not me, when I was in the band, I played the xylophone. My mom said I would be bomb at this because I play the piano. What a joke. I was dying inside. So with that said, I never bought that stupid insturment and I claimed that I "forgot" it at home everyday in class. One day I became so fed up that I told Mr. Cole that I quit and my mom has no idea im doing this. Ever since then, we'd attend my sisters High School Orchestra & Choir Performances with the Band during Christmas and whenever the people would whip out their bells she'd lean over and say, "That could have been you." I've always sensed some bitterness....
3. Jenna use to beat the living crap out of me as a child. She taught me to, "take the pain." one time, she was baby sitting me and I guess I annoyed her so I got scared. I started to run from her, but I wasn't fast enough and she grabbed me by my overalls and shoved my head in the toilet and gave me a swirlie. I thought it felt kind of nice and started to laugh which annoyed her even more so she hund my from the door by my overalls. she always looked out for me.
4. One year in Hilton Head, my cousin Ashley and I went hot tub spying. What is that you must ask? Well we'd spot mushy gushy high school couples in the hot tubs kissing and what not so we'd hop on in with our goggles, go underwater and tickle their feet allowing them to think that the other couple was playing footsie with the other. cute huh?
5. For a long time I had convinced myself that Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson were the same person.

Okay, I tag Katie Hillstead, Jenna Vela, Anne Hillstead, and Ali Hillstead. oh and why not, all of the Mugleston girls just so they can finally put up a new post. I doubt this will happen.



Jake and Jenna said...

you are SO FUNNY.

good thing i taught you everything you know.

Ashley Karena said... forgot something.

If you were a millionaire, you would travel to all those places, but you would also hit up Peru and come chill with me and the orphans.

Jody said...

I loved #3.. I couldn't stop laughing !!!! Kevin assures me he would only do a wholesome version of The Bachelor!! Maybe they'll do an LDS version??? Yah right... Good to see you at the Branch Sun..

this might tickle your fancy

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