Oahu, Hawaii

Friday, April 22, 2016

Okay, Okay. Depsite my downer attitude in Kauai, I had a lot more fun in Oahu. Maybe it had to do with the weather being a lot better, warmer and less windy. I also felt that Oahu had a lot more to do than Kauai and I've noticed the older I get the less laying around in the sun I like to do. Don't get me wrong, I desire that golden tan but I love to gain that by being active and swimming in the ocean or pool or doing some sort of activity that won't have me finding myself bored, especially when I finished my only book I brought in Kauai.

While we were booking our trip, I essentially wanted to stay in Waikiki and at the Royal Hawaiian. So touristy of me, I know. But keep in mind, I've never been to Hawaii and for me, that's what I thought of when I'd think of Hawaii. Zeke, having lived on the island and knowing it really well, talked me out of doing so saying that Waikiki is like Las Vegas on the beach and that there are so many people and the place to stay is the North Shore. So we did just that and stayed at Turtle Bay Resort. After the trip, I am happy we stayed in the North Shore, though we did spend a day in Waikiki and walked through the Royal Hawaiian and spent time on the crowded beaches and took a catamaran out into the ocean. Truth be told, our day spent in Waikiki was my favorite day spent in Hawaii. I knew it would be too. I just loved all of the colorful umbrellas trickled along the water and it was the hottest day so swimming in the ocean was so refreshing. For me, I didn't think of Las Vegas at all, and I do not like Vegas. Waikiki reminded me more so of Miami and some areas of Palm Beach. And you know I love Miami and Palm Beach so I was sort of in Heaven.

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