Goodbye Sweet Santa Monica.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I'm just going to make this really brief since I feel as though I have so much to catch up on. News is, we had to say goodbye to Santa Monica last July (2015) and make the move BACK to Utah. To say I was devastated and slightly depressed is an understatement. You know my struggles with Utah and truly, once we left, I didn't think I'd ever move back. Why would I? I have no reason to. I have no ties. I was simply there to gain an education and once I graduated we were out. Well, this just is another example as to how life can bite you in the butt. 

A great job opportunity has brought us back to Utah and we've been here for almost a year now. Along the journey back, we welcomed a puppy into our family, Banjo, as well as a soon to be baby boy. I'm pregnant and due July 4th. So, despite my 10 year old moping, our family is very blessed right now and overwhelmed with joy. 

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