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Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's no secret that I am very much behind with my posts, but alas here is the scoop on Valentines Day. Zeke and I decided to sit back and relax this year and come what may. We didn't want to make a fuss of the holiday as with past years we have taken turns to surprise each other with some festive Valentines Day. This year, we were spent and luckily our plans were made when my parents decided to fly out and visit us!

It was the perfect weekend and especially the perfect Valentines Day. To spend the sweet holiday with my parents who set such a great example of love was certainly special. My mom and I took a walk through the neighborhoods of Brentwood that morning and grabbed a quick bite to eat and then we met up with my Dad and Zeke and ventured to Ventura and walked the boardwalk and had dinner at our favorite BBQ place in Los Angeles. We ended the night going to the Santa Monica Pier and actually took advantage of what the pier has to offer and laughed and screamed like kids as we rode the roller coaster over the ocean and topped it off with ice cream cones. Once again, I felt as though I was living my favorite episode of the 'Twilight Zone' as we rode the coaster over the ocean with the coastal skyline of Santa Monica sparking down below.

We spent the weekend taste testing just about every restaurant in town filling our bellies and just about toppling over. We drove the streets and neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and let the sun shine on our faces in Malibu. It was a relaxing weekend with the best of company. I wouldn't have spent my Valentines any other way! I sure do miss my parents right now, but luckily I get to see them the end of April as we will all be meeting in Utah for my cousins wedding! Let the countdown to the family reunion begin!

p.s. I forgot to mention that I finally spotted a celebrity and to say that I was star-struck is far far from what I was really feeling. We had lunch literally next to Christ Martin, the leader singer of Coldplay, and GWYNETH PALTROW'S HUSBAND. We were so close to him and his daughter Apple that I could hear every word of his conversation. Of course I wasn't eavesdropping, but I will admit to  biting the crap out of my tongue when I'm pretty sure he caught me snapping pictures of him.  I had too! I couldn't help myself! Spot him in that picture of my mom eating her lunch? Eeeek!

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