the sea & perfume.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The past couple of weeks here in Santa Monica have been absolutely beautiful! Zeke and I have been spending our time taking walks through the neighborhoods and I can't help but recognize all of the beautiful botanicals and foliage that Los Angeles has to offer! I do believe this makes Santa Monica smell like perfume, and with the warm breeze blowing off the coast of the sea, a flood of the aroma comes seeping in through our windows at night and it puts me into a nostalgic slumber.

We spend our Saturdays at the beach where I find myself drooling over the stripped umbrellas that remind me of the amalfi coast which I long to explore - la dolce vita! This weekend Zeke went out of town for a golf trip so it's been a weekend full of relaxation, reading, writing (my little cousin and I are putting our imagination to the test and writing a mystery novel with illustrations included) watching movies, and spending hours in the sand. Though I miss Zeke, I can't complain of the time I have spent alone! I love my surroundings and I'm taking in every bit of it!

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