happy to snooze

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Holy smokes! March has been so busy and so tiring I cannot for the life of me wait to not have to hit the snooze button tomorrow morning at 4:30 in the morning! With a few days off from work, I'm ready to take it easy, read, paint and do my thing! As much as I enjoy walking to work every morning, I won't have to walk past this view while the sun rises - though I do enjoy the view but I'm excited to just be in my bed.

I'm ready for a vacation as I have said over and over again and I beginning to think I should stop saying it or else I'll be driving myself absolutely nuts. I'm heading to Utah for a weekend the end of April for my cousins wedding and I am so excited for a quick getaway. It will be so nice to see family and friends from college and be in a place that is quite familiar to me. I love being around my family. Until then, I can't wait till Snoozeday Tuesday!

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