I Can Confidently Say, "IM A GRADUATE!!!"

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What a special day December 17th is. Oh how it will always be a day of FREEDOM! My graduation due date has been long over due - two years over due to be exact and I honestly thought reaching that point of completion was nearly impossible. My friends even thought so. While all of my friends have graduated years ago, and moved on with their lives and out of the state of Utah, I had to sit back and watch as time slowly flew by and waited for my turn. And today was finally the day. Honestly, it did come faster than I had imagined, now looking back on it.

So, two years over due and having completed about 47 paintings in my life time, I can safely say (with no surprises from the fine arts counselor) I am a college graduate and hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Arts & Visual Communications. It feels so good to say that! I've come a long long way and I am ready and happy to say goodbye to Utah Valley University forever and ever! I feel as though I have made a huge accomplishment in my life and the paintings don't even end here... I am just getting started! On to my next adventure!

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