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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Can you tell that this years Halloween was a straight up blast? I made sure to keep it more simple and not pull a fast one with a whoppin' murder mystery dinner like I did last year where I about keeled over and died. I also made sure to not play the role of a saint and make all of the food for every single soul who came - instead, we did potluck this year and it was genius- saved more money and more time and a lot of headaches.

Unfortunately, the Zoo was away in California for business, but I made sure a monster mash was still in hand. We had lions, Mary Poppins, cone-heads and skeletons in the haunted house. Monster music was blasting and at one point in time, we found ourselves monster mashing in a congo line doing out best Frankenstein moves. We were cracking ourselves up. Candles were lit amongst us, the mood was spooky and ghost stories were told. This is seriously one of my favorite pastimes.

Once midnight hit, we decided to jump in the car and chase some ghosts. We went to a gravity hill near the canyon and did the whole, "pour the flour on the hood of your car thing" and we didn't even move up the hill. I was disappointed to say the least especially since I grew up going to Booger Hill. You know, it's the whole gravity hill thing and whatever science tells you, I still believe in the supernatural part of it - it's part of the fun.

Booger Hill is out in the middle of nowhere where the road is surrounded by cotton fields and the sky is filled with stars. You ride to the top of the hill where two live oak trees stand still and where two slaves were hung from. The townspeople don't want anyone to know what they had done, so when you put your car in neutral, with all of the lights off and the windows rolled down and you slowly creep down that road, slowly but surely, the car starts moving backwards (some nights faster than others) but it's the townspeople pushing you up keeping you from knowing that they've hung the slaves. If you let your car be pushed back to the oak trees, legend has it, you'll die on your way home. Obviously, we've been too scared to let that happen. Heaven forbid would we ever let that happen!

It's those kinds of things I live for and I'm happy that we've got a whole entire month out of the year to purposely do those kinds of things (even though this is like my number one idea of something to do every weekend outside the month of October.) I'd say Halloween was a blast and it was a great way to end the month!

November 1st was spent taking down the decorations and though nothing pleases me more than a month full of Halloween decor throughout the whole house, it does feel really refreshing to take them down and have a clean home again. On to the next holiday, and by the next holiday, I mean Thanksgiving, NOT Christmas. For me, Christmas starts on December 1st and that's FINAL!

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