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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Is it next Friday yet? Days while the zoo is out of town are dragggggggggggggged out. I mean draagggged out. Luckily, I have been keeping myself quite busy with the move to California coming right around the corner. I've also had some great opportunities pop up which I am really excited about and I'm very flattered and feeling very unqualified. I am happy to say I am a new contributor for Caitlin Wilson Designs as the 'Art Advisor' for her design blog! I will post every third Tuesday of every month talking about anything art related and I am beyond thrilled!

With that said, I had to snatch myself my favorite Caitlin Wilson pillows for the home : The Greige Deco Pillow & the Berry Signature Pillow! I absolutely love them as they bring such life to our home! On the subject of all things really cute and adorable, let's talk of the Rifle Paper Co. cards - I really wanna start getting more 'old fashioned' which is so sad that it's getting to those terms now, of handwriting letters in the mail. No, not sending a text and no not sending an email, it just doesn't cut it quite like it did when it was delivered in person, where you could smell the ink, get a paper cut and wipe a smile on your face when you've received a surprise in the mail! With this past week being quite emotional but ending up very uplifting, I have some letter writing to do. These two above were my favorites, especially the cat one.

So there's that update. And how I spend the rest of my time? Oh just watching countless of t.v. shows, reading books, taking baths, and making my christmas wish list at the mall, all by myself. My life is really awesome when the Zoo is away. Again, is it Friday yet? Geeze Louise!!!!!!!!!! Looks like I'm hitting the sac on a Saturday night earlier than most! With that said, sweet dreams!

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Elora said...

Girl! I wrote a hand written letter today!! Kindred spirits!!

this might tickle your fancy

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