summer is here, i can officially cheer!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Goodness gracious! How amazing is this photo? Yes, it's of Utah! You would think it was somewhere over seas, some land foreign and exotic, but it's not - it's right there in my backyard. No, no, I can't take credit for this photo as I took it from one of the Zoo's friends but it's Utah and this is where I have currently been living for the past six years. Crazy to think that the number has now reached to six. Where the time has gone... I'll never know.

All in all, I always give a bad rep on Utah. I shouldn't. Because I know this place isn't permanent. And I do know that wether it's snowy, orange, or green it's a wonderful place. I wouldn't have chosen to be anywhere else in my collage days. And when I look at this photo I am reminded with how beautiful this land is and how majestic the mountain ranges are here and I find myself amazed.

The weather has been perfect. I can confidently say, summer is here and it's one of my favorite seasons in Utah. Provo especially dies down, it's not as crowded and concerts in the parks begin, bike rides through the old homes and neighborhoods happen. Eating hotdogs and burgers outside at fun little joints is what I long for. It's just a happy time and I can't complain one bit. We have been cracking our windows open and our house is now filled with the sounds of sprinkler systems, lawn mowers, kids laughing, birds chirping and I can't help but find myself really giddy. This is my favorite time of year. June is my all time favorite month and its just a week away.

Not only is June a week away but that's when all of the shinanigans hit and I am one anxious girl! I can't even handle myself I'm too excited for what's in store! I get to babysit my aunts kids next week for five days and we are ready to party. I love her kids (my cousins) so much. They make me so happy and we have such a blast when we are together. Then I hop on a plane for my best friends wedding and I get to reunite with all of my best girlfriends without our husbands/fiancé's - no offense to the zoo, but it's going to be a riot! THEN on top of that I fly directly home to Georgia! HALLELUJAH! I've been waiting for this moment all of my life. There is nothing else like home. When the zoo arrives we are gonna eat our brains out, go to a Braves game drive to Savannah and the next thing we know, BAM - we are on the island that I grew up on with all of my family for a week taking day trips to Charleston and pit stops on the way home in Savannah. There is nothing that sounds better to me than this. Not to mention, I get a week to myself with my parents afterwards and any time spent with my parents is memories I cherish because they are a party to be with. And then, before you know it, it's my favorite holiday - The Fourth of July. And then weeks later, another reunion with my girls for my other best friends wedding. I mean, the list goes on and on. Clearly, you can tell and clearly I have bored you to death with my itinerary that probably only I care about.

So with that said, may this next week fly and the month of June SLOW DOWN because I won't ever want it to end.

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