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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Four weeks I tell ya! Four weeks until I am finally basking in the heat of the island in South Carolina with my favorite people in the whole wide world - my family! I can't tell you how this week out of the whole year tops off everything about Christmas! Hilton Head Island is my second home that I have been going to for almost eighteen years now? Is that right?

Once April hits, I start preparing for this vacation. Its the mother load. If you don't know by now, my fetish is swimsuits. I have an awful obsession with them and I have to buy more and more every summer. The best part is that I keep every single suit I own, clear back to middle school days. You could say I have some great old school J.Crew treasures in my suit box that are still just as cute today! Some girls have shoe fetish's, I have a swimsuit addiction and I own up to it proudly.

I know the time has come when I have finally gathered together my swimsuits for the week of Hilton Head. Only four more weeks and I can hardly stand it. This year I was on the hunt for a starch white suit to mock the one and only Grace Kelly. Bam, I got lucky and found it at Anthropologie. It won't be original, as it's a popular item and I know many will rock it this summer but I am glad I was able to find a modest and classy one with a little flirty spunk to it. And I can't stay away from floral. I'll never walk away from any sort of floral pattern and when J.Crew describes their floral print as something that they took from curtain panels in a french home, or the inspiration came from botanical photos from the 60's and 70's or better yet, from perfectly manicured rose bushes out of the backyard of a socialites palm beach home, I'm sold and say I do.

I love reading J.Crew's descriptions of where their inspirations came from for their textiles and prints. It makes it all the more fun and chic while wearing it to know the story behind it. I love it because I completely connect with J.Crew and get what they are saying. I do believe Jenna Lyons and I have a lot in common when it comes to interests in things around the world, inspirations and color palettes. I too find all of my inspirations from the beautiful small things in life that might just be right outside of your own backyard.

Creativity and summertime, there is nothing else quite like it.
The countdown begins and I can't wait to splish-splash in these one piece beauties!


Brookette said...

Rachel! I don't know you one single bit, but I found your blog through Leo Patrone and have loved it ever since! You sound like a swimsuit expert and I'm going on a cruise in June! Do you have any other places you buy suits aside from the obviously fabulous J.Crew? Your recommendations are much needed!

J & J said...

i am going to be a whale and won't be purchasing any swim suits this year because i'll be covered up the entire time. being largely pregnant in hilton head is not my idea of FUN, BUT at least i will be there with YOU!

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