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Thursday, May 30, 2013

I can't even believe how fast time as flown by. Our contract is up with our 1920's bungalow and I feel like I could curl up in a ball and cry. Of course, we can always renew our contract but the argument is, do we want to continue living it up in Provo? Eh...  as great as this city was to mature, go to collage, meet my lifelong friends and my now husband, having my first home with him... I can confidently say, we need to move along.

I wailed like a baby in March and April knowing that the possibility of us moving out of the Bungalow sooner than July was almost a 90% chance of happening. The pathetic reason for my tears was that, I was so badly looking forward to living in this charming home for the summertime - with our backyard and our fire pit. I have been dreaming of throwing parties. Such a lousy excuse huh? I am such a dreamer though and it can really cause some issues most of the time.

I think what is really hard for me to move on is the obvious fact that this is our first house together. There have been so many firsts in this home. I put a lot of work into this bungalow to really make it feel like my own. I really did my best to make it feel like the South. I did my best to make it a comfortable place that would be welcoming to the Zoo when he comes home from work and for our friends when they come over to play countless number of games and tell stories. I put a lot of character into this bungalow that really tells a story, that shows a reflection of who I am. There are so  many details, nooks and crannies in this home that I dare not forget.

I'll miss the characteristics of the windows that open out into the side yard with rose bushes and the sounds of birds chirping, cats meowing and our neighbor's kids laughing. I love hearing the sprinkler systems turn on as it's a sign of summer. I'll miss our deep brick porch and the cool nights spent on it watching the clouds roll in while the Zoo and I place bets on our games of scrabble. I'll miss cuddling up on our awkward small couch as we watch scary movies by the fire. I'll miss our backyard and inviting friends over for some marshmallow roasting, taking naps on blankets in our backyard during Sunday afternoons after church, watching the Zoo perfectly manicure the front and backyard like a man. I'll miss our 1950's kitchen appliances, especially the oven which I didn't use until three months ago due to intimidation and fear of burning the house down. I'll miss living in this house during Halloween and the perfect mood it sets. I'll miss our friends finding treasure in our yard that confirms the people who did live in this house in the twenties as we find their 1920's Gillette razor buried deep in the ground just right outside the bathroom window. So many stories have been collected in this house.

Can you tell I'm going down memory lane? I know myself though. Once I get settled in with my something new, all will be well. The Zoo and I have made big steps and have made our first big purchase together - we bought a town-home. And yes, it's still in Utah County and it's not far from Provo but the scene is quite different and the homes have been built within the past couple of years, so we will loose the charm but we've still got each other and that's all that I need. We don't know how long we will be in this town-home for, as life is always changing, but we plan to make the best of our change.

For the records, for myself, and to keep myself sane, I've made a little video tour of our bungalow so that I can really keep the memories of our first place. I wanted to remember every detail of it, so I'm sorry if you find yourself really bored while watching it. You really don't even have to watch it. It's just more so for myself. This first home has become a big part of my life so I wanted to keep it as alive as possible for the years to come. So without further adieu -- I give you, the bungalow, and may it be a part of our family forever and ever. We've been blessed having this place as our home. I'll never forget it.


Jessica said...

I loved your little house tour! Thanks for sharing :)


My name is Lydia said...

I love this video, and the way you decorated your home is impeccable! You have great style, girl!

estetik said...

nice post! first time i am going to bookmark post of any other person on my social accounts but i like this.

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