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Friday, June 8, 2012

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it's been about a week and a half since california and the mexican riviera. being back on dry land have its benefits but boy do i miss the open sea. pictures to come of my mexicana adventures in the riviera of cabo and puerto vallarta. i must say, traveling really sets me on a high. i currently can't stop day dreaming and googling photos, hotels and the history of havana, cuba. why cuba? i dont know... it's just been on my mind. 

luckily, though it ain't cuba, i leave in a week to bask in the love of my own home, atlanta, georgia. following the deep south ill be a whale on the beach in my childhood vacation spot, hilton head island, south carolina with a day trip to my mysterious city, savannah, georgia. i haven't been to savannah in a little over a year and i really have been craving it for some time now. i was fortunate enough to visit the charm of the south, charleston, south carolina three times last year! therefore, i need a fixin' from "the hostess city of the south" my sweet savannah. sure can't wait for the adventures ahead!

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