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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

i dont know about you, but there is something about beautiful, colorful, organized photos of things that i love and find beautiful when they are all layout in a neat format for me to view and just smile while looking at. so strange, i know. people dog on pinterest all of the time. you can dog on me all you want to, but im sorry. i am such a pinterest junkie. i guess you could say i've been pinning for ages now. i kick myself all of the time wondering how someone else could have beat me to the idea of creating a pinterest. when i graduated from high school and received my first laptop (mac), i not only had photo albums of my own photos on iphoto, but i also had photo albums titled "wedding" "home" "ideas." i had already begun my pinning. i didn't want to waste all of my parents colored ink by printing out pages and pages of photos found on google just to hang on my wall. and heaven forbid, i dont dare rip out the fashion editorials of my harpers bazaar magazines ive been collecting since freshmen year of high school. that would be the death of me. i sadly covet those mags, only because i get such a high off fashion and find the actual magazine as a whole from cover to cover a beautiful book and i hope that one day my daughters will wanna run through the pages and ooo and ahh just like i once did and still continue to do. i also know, that one sweet day, those are going to be history in fashion and will title themselves vintage.

either way, i had no other option but to create these albums within my iphoto. but now, with pinterest i can visually see everything that interests me. everything that i find beautiful. i now can visually see in an organized matter all the places i plan to travel to in my life time. i now have a visual way of seeing inside homes and floor plans of how i view my future dream home and would love to design the inside as well as the exterior of the house. you know im a teeny bopper and i sadly love beautiful photography of people i find beautiful, fascinating and inspiring when it comes to talent, fashion and beauty. im a sucker for fashion, and though i know and realize i have a style of my own, that doesn't stop me from viewing others ideas and styles and collaborating theirs with my own. recipes, how could i forget the recipes? living single right now is difficult when you wanna cook but im creating my visual cookbook on here for the day that i can finally whip something tasty out not just for myself but for my family! i could go on and on.

i just love to be surrounded my beautiful things. im an artist, and if you're an artist out there i think we can relate. we have the same eye sight in the sense that we get giddy over the littlest things. color, i die over color and prints. photography, fine arts, fashion, interior design, graphic design, everything i visually see and is pleasing to my eye, even my organized pinterest covers above fill me with joy and excitement. artists are a peculiar group of individuals. which is a good thing. im very well aware that im peculiar, but i dont mind one bit. i just simply love lovely things. i really can't explain myself. but man oh man, isn't that display up there just so pretty? what in the world is my deal? eh?

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