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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wowie-zowie. Lets just say, the cruise to the Mexican Rivera was quite the girls trip that I love looking back on now and just smiling over all of the memories and fun times we had both on land and sea. It was quite the adventure. For those of you who plan on trying a cruise some time in your life I suggest you don't quite jump on board of the Carnival. You pretty much pay for what you get, and for us college girls, we were pretty cheap. The ship was basically Vegas but on a boat. Now, secretly, I kind of liked the ship. It was pretty tacky, i'll admit to that. And compared to the Disney cruise I went on in high school, this boat was far from class, but for kicks and giggles I was kind of digging it.

Don't be dismayed, the food was ehh, questionable. We dodged the formal dinner nights and instead gorged on frozen soft served ice cream and paninis. We'd either take it back into our rooms and dish out them face cards for a meal & egyptian ratscrew, or we'd take our nightly meal out to the pool and stretch out on the pool chairs in our pjs & robes.

Big bonus' on the cruise. 1.) The people. My oh my were they such a grand surprise. We'd attend our nightly comedy club in the Moroccan Room just to witness the crazy surprises of those who were a bit tipsy throughout the night. What an honor it was to witness their exposure of all types of behaviors. Us four girls would get quite the kick out of it. 2.) We did in fact get a little greedy and had our fair share of bingo games. Guess what? All four of us won $600.00 total walking away with $150.00 each. Can you believe that? I've never won anything in my life like that before, so you can only imagine the excitement when we physcotically screamed BINGO. We were dying! We could not stop flashing our one hundreds the whole week.

I also finally lived a minor dream. I performed Tina Turners' "Proud Mary" on the ship in front of a live audience with a LIVE BAND. Unfortunately I couldn't hear a noise coming out of my mouth because the band was so dang loud, but I did bust out the "Proud Mary" dance and was awarded a badge saying "artist." Whoopie.

As for Mexico, Lovers Beach in Cabo was a dream. It was secluded on the tip of the coast located near Cabos famous arch. The water was perfect temperature and the sun was beating hot hot hot. We took a little sea ride on a banana and grabbed some down right homestyle mexican food at "The Office" right on the beach. Our toes were digging in the sand as we ate our tacos and sipped on ice cold coca cola from the glass. Puerto Vallarta was so-so, we didn't bring the proper shoes for an excursion up in the rain forest so we walked all over town and browsed through just about each and every flea market and shop there was. I bought zekey zoo a nice silver ring with turquoise. He drools over that kind of thing, so I was really excited to treat him to something nice. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit dreary while we were in Puerto Vallarta and so we decided to board the ship early and realized, Hurricane Bud was heading our way. Our ship was docked till about 9 pm and it was quite the tropical storm. That whole night, I was rocked fast fast asleep. Luckily, we made it out of there before we got caught up in the eye of the storm.

Overall the trip was a success and I  long to go back. Not so much for the food, and not so much for Mexico ( this trip confirmed that Im just meant to live for the Caribbean) not so much for the Lido Buffets, or the Splendor ship, but for the company of my sistas and the fun times we had. It really was a great escape and quite the adventure I was searching for. Can't wait to continue these sort of trips with my girls year after year after year.

Hope you all are able to spot yourself a vacation location and bask in the sun and take it easy this summer!

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Elsha.Rae said...

where did you get your adorable floral swimsuit!! ??

this might tickle your fancy

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