happy birthday mama!

Friday, March 16, 2012

yesterday, i was lucky enough to celebrate my moms birthday with her IN TOWN! wow, that never happens but it did this year, that's because its lucky number 2012! look at her go in the picture above. can you not admit that this is beyond the coolest woman roaming the earth? she's outstanding and knocks me off my feet with all that she's accomplished, the talents she's been given, the great example of a mother she is, how much her beauty glows and how great of a friend she is. she rocks and rolls. hanging out with her is never a dull moment. she's a hoot and a holler and one mighty fine baller. she just keeps getting better and better with age. i dont know how she does it, but i hope to figure it out soon and follow in her footsteps. i love my mom. she's the greatest in the world. and she's never looked better. watch out. happy birthday mom, i love you to the moon and back.

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