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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

eeek, hope i have a good hand of cards in this giveaway! that's right, i just entered a giveaway. I never do this kind of thing, which is funny, because im pretty superstitious but when it comes to giveaways, i always mock the odds of me having a chance of winning. i guess im still mocking it because deep down i know im the odd ball out of the game, but i thought why not take my chances! $400.00 to shop on beso, i'll take it. thanks to rockstar diaries i entered my collection above. now i'll let fate take its course. yaba-doo!

on a funny note : this past weekend zekey zoo & i took a trip to salt lake and i scored myself a looooong shopping trip in anthropologie. normally, my amount of time given in order to keep the "zoo" sane is about 30 minutes. so i suggested to him, that he take his usual seat on the couch and make himself at home. realizing i was in the dressing room for more than 30 and receiving no annoyed texts or calls... something was up. yeah, the zoo was clearly passed out on the couch! that's what was up! i was dying when i walked up to him. yahoo: time limit has evaporated and i strolled along to the beat of my own drum in my mother ship chuckling the whole time at this photo. he cracks me up.

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