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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


my mind set is just screaming "cruise cruise cruise cruise" over and over again and im going nuts. looking forward to such fun things is so exciting yet so exhausting at the same time! i can't take it anymore, i must get to the mexican riviera, FAST. all i have been doing is dreaming of what to pack and walking down memory lane the last time i went on my first cruise with my parents and my friend amanda back in high school of 2006. i had the time of my life. we took the disney cruise ship to the caribbean and acted like pirates the entire time. i love the caribbean. it's so lush, tropical and you feel as though your riding the pirates of the caribbean ride over and over again, and that is nothing to be complaining about. the water is warm oh warm, green and blue straight through and through. the deck of the ship was party central with pirates aboard singing "argggg" the islands looked like neverland and for real, i was in a dream. such great times the caribbean granted me, with such great company. i love vacationing with my parents, they really do promise a great time. and amanda is just the life of the party, never a dull moment with that gal.

over all, im taking a different turn, and heading to the mexican riviera, a place i've never visited that im pretty curious about. a different boat, a different crowd and i am just as excited and pleased. im wondering if the mexican riviera can steal my heart as much as the caribbean though. caribbean is a gold strike. only 2 and a half more months till i set sail. i can make it.

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Ed and Amanda said...

yay :) I'm so happy for you. I will never forget how wonderous our cruise was, my entire dress popping open on the deck and you stubbing your toe in St. Thomas. Too funny, I miss you so much.

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