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Thursday, September 1, 2011

dear fellow buckeyes,
dear fellow blog readers who no doubt will too be pumped up for all nationwide ohio state buckeyes when you view this trailer for a new era, a new season, and a new time for the ohio state university.

this season is for tressel. this season is to end the silence of our nonbelievers. the world doubts us as a team so the anthem of our season is, "shock the world." this season is to continue to bleed scarlet and grey. and that we will do with or without the support of other collage football lovers. like they say, don't ever make a buckeye angry.


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J & J said...

my heart is racing a million miles a minute. i'm emotional. i'm excited. i have chills. I WISH I HAD SOMEONE TO WATCH WITH. must convert jake.


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