monday nights in the park.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

monday night zekey squad and i did a little party crashing at our friends ward for their family home evening. we had to, they were offering free costa vida. now, i know, it aint no cafe rio and i will defend the rio till this day that nothing can compare. but when it's free, it's free.

the weather has been really nice lately. i can expect that falls arrival is in full speed ahead. the days still warm up to the mid 80's but the mornings and nights are chilly and crisp. the utah trees have yet to spruce up some festive colors but the season is definitely around the corner. school is an overload this week and im ready to throw in the towel. need not to worry, ohio state football will keep me somewhat calm if i continue to convince myself that this is a rebuilding season for the buckeyes, october isnt too far away, and haunted houses and halloween decorations are in preparation.  sure do love this time of year.

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Marlee Gennille said...

lady, i love every single one of your outfits. so cute.

this might tickle your fancy

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