love fling with burberry.

Friday, August 26, 2011

dear heavens. holy moly, me oh my. this burberry coat is by far the apple of my eye. i've recently been addicted to a new reality show on bravo of the famous fashion stylist/designer rachel zoe called "the rachel zoe" project. im obsessed because i am living vicariously through her. she spends her time traveling to paris and who knows where to attend chanel shows, michael kors shows, any fashion show you name, mrs. zoe has an assigned seat on the front row with eyes bulging and mouth foaming because she is so goo-goo ga-ga for the delicious outfits strutting their stuff down the runway. if only i were her, or better yet her client.

i get a kick out of her, and im sure her husband roger does too when he see's his bills. she is wild. she goes on the shopping sprees for me since i can't go that hog wild for myself. her passion for fashion is beyond anything natural. i get a major kick out of it. for instance, she was in paris at a vintage boutique and found this vintage chanel dress suit, gasped, put it on and got extremely emotional. now i don't know if my reaction would go that far. maybe if it were an oscar de la renta, but i was more than entertained.

ironically. the next day i went shopping with my girl niki and we passed by this burberry trench coat with a fox and sheep fur collar. my jaw dropped. i slid into that thing as though i were made of money to purchase it and i starred at myself in the mirror and for the first time ever, i received my first rachel zoe emotional connection to an item of clothing. it was so stupid of me but i literally got the butterflies. i was so dang giddy with that $2,000 coat on that i couldnt stop spinning. niki was laughing the entire time. i didn't see what was so funny. though i had to part from the coat, i made sure to snap a shot and say that i once wore it and im sure i'll bite my tongue when i see kate moss sporting it on the streets of london. but man alive did i feel like a woman.

cheers to the burberry fur trench. and cheers to rachel zoe and those who understands what it means to fall in love with fashion. what a rush.

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