summer days are wasting away.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

blah. the days of summer are surely ticking away. fast. school starts in two weeks. i am a busy bee moving out of a dump and moving into a place that is finally comfortable enough to call home.

though summer is my favorite season of the year, towards the end, i also get pretty pumped for fall. fall in utah is really delightful and i kind of dig it. the golden leaves that fall like glitter and the crisp air really make for a great season. all of the above really add to the spookiness that i looked forward to for the whole month of october. people think im crazy for already asking them what they will be for halloween but this is the normal time on my calendar to start processing these important thoughts. im huge on dressing like something related to halloween. you've got to get the feel of the holiday, you know?

top of the list : the bride of frankenstein. im really trying hard to get zekey zoo to be frankie, but he insists on being dr. phil and i oprah. no thanks zeke squad.

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Shannan Charlene said...

did you tell him you've already been black for halloween once? no need to go down that road again. although you did rock that wig...

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