the caribbean circa 2005

Monday, May 23, 2011

the thought of this photo being circa 2005 really puts me in the dumps. im in a tropic state of denial. provo town has been in the slumps the past week. it's been wet and chilly, high of 50's and we're moving on up to june and their aint a sun in sight. im starting to get a little bugged. one of the biggest fails of utah is their bipolar weather that has never rubbed me the right way. makes me just wanna get out because im getting gypped of my summer.  i swear, everyone i know has made it to some tropical island within the past couple of weeks and i am somewhere still stranded in what i now believe is the armpit of the united states.... not really, im just bitter at the weather.

my cousin and her husband just got back from aruba. a couple of my girlfriends just got back from hawaii, my roommate just walked in from california and somehow i am still stuck on google maps in the french riviera hiding from my location of reality. blah. the only thing that keeps me hanging on is the countdown to my favorite destination on earth: hilton head island, south carolina. it's a big whoppin' 32 more days till im there. so until then, i'll take a breather and go through some old caribbean pictures when i was in high school. more to come soon.

wherever you are, i hope the weather is somewhat nice to you.

1 comment:

Ed and Amanda said...

miss you. miss this trip. miss shirley temples with extra cherries.

this might tickle your fancy

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