cotton candy & the rio.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

im a pig. im a pig. im a pig. i dont know what has gotten into me. you guys... keep this between you and i and whoever else reads this pointless blog, but today was day FIVE of eating cafe rio. my roommates keep egging me on to proceed to day six, but out of embarrassment of now being recognized by the cafe rio staff and still no free meal shout out, i dont think i'll make it to the end of my race. my eating habits are pathetic. i never talk about food on here, but i hate to say it: I love to eat. and so do my friends. so we create a disastrous lifestyle and i just blame it on being in college. and soon, this shall end... like we all say, diet starts tomorrow. riggghhhht. hope you had some good grub this past memorial day with your celebration.

i'll be better at posting. until the next...

1 comment:

Nicole said...

This post made my day. Keep going girlfriend-- someone needs to eat rio while I am away! Miss it and you! xo.

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