twenty-two and it's a feel good time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i just turned 22 on may 7th. i don't feel any older. 
im thinking it's because when i was 21, for some odd reason, i kept thinking i was 22. 
so im still the same age as i was a year ago. with that said, im not loosing my mind! i feel awesome! i think im going to do this every other birthday! so when i turn 23, imma gonna tell people im 24, that way, when i do turn 24 im not crying in my bed at night feeling like an old maid, for i've always been 24 and i aint getting any older i tell ya!!


Marlee Gennille said...

happy late birthday, cute girl!

Jenna said...

your hair looks bomb! wish we could have been there. happy birthday rachy! love you!

Lindsay Wright said...

i will be 24 in like 3 weeks. are you saying i'm an old maid?!?! i am now depressed.

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