new years.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hi you all. 
im really sorry but im just in no mood to ramble on about my trip to california
for new years. i had a grand time, weather was so so. it was a bit chilly, but i can't complain 
because it is or i should say, was december. but the company was splendid and ringing in the new year with those fine people really made the drive down there well worth it. 
happy new year to you all! im starting off my year with an 8 am sculpture class! yikes, wish me up that i can make it out of bed with this frigid weather. 

and a special thanks to lani & her family for so graciously letting me crash their pad. 
the livingstons are such a fun family! im so thankful i was able to spend this holiday with them! and good luck lani girl with your travels and adventures in jerusalem! 

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