we get down.

Friday, March 19, 2010

ive seem to of lost my mind.
i forgot to give you a taste of our families dangerous moves.
they are
out of control.
you play the music, we'll dish out a show.
(this was my cousin ashley and jd's wedding reception.)


kristi neil said...

hahaha i loved this. incredible. such a good time.
guess what, i did it. i am back up and running. now i just have to remember how to blog. haha.

also, i miss you and i am ready for you to get back to provo. hope your having fun. love you.

POJO Fitness said...

this is hilarious! i wish i was there! and susan.. she is awesome and your mom is so funny.. and was the doug doing all the killer moves?? when are you coming back .. I miss you in my classes. oh and we need to go to spoon me when you get back! for real.

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