new orleans.

Monday, March 29, 2010

"the moment new orleans sun breaks through the winter cold, people will begin to fill the streets again. they will not wait a second longer to crowd their front porches, sidewalks, and local parks. the frisbees come out and the welcome back parties begin for students. you can smell the barbecues and anticipate the blues music festivals that are sheduled almost every other day for the warm months.

me- i suddenly remember why i moved here. i remember why there are old ladies who sit on their porches, rock back and forth, listing off the hurricanes they've been through. it takes all evening. i remember why we danced at tipitina's until the sweat had soaked through our clothes. we were sober. but we were so high. do you remember walking out of the club and back down the street that night?" - tessa

dear tessa:
nope, i can't say i remember walking out of that club and down those streets. but i dream of the day that i will. i love the thought of new orleans. i love old plantation homes, haunted bed and breakfasts, cajun creole dishes, jazz blaring jams, critters in the bayou, just the feel of it all. i want to experience it. i want to make a vacation out of it. one day i will. but until then, i'll continue to watch kate hudsons "the skeleton key" and dream of this future adventure.

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