Hold On To Love.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They did it. 
They finally did it. 

Ben and Chad Truman have finally sold their first debut album:
Hold On To Love. 
Are we obsessed? 
Did they rock it?
Was the crowd roaring?

Amongst the roaring crowed were Ben and Chad's biggest and most loyal fans. 
We were ready to go with our homemade signs crying out, "Marry Me" and "Truman, play me like a chord" (all casey's idea.)
We couldn't be an anymore proud group of friends for our Truman brothers. 
Here's a little taste of my favorite song of theirs: 
"Will He Dance?"
"Before you take his last name/ You must look in his eyes.
Deeply and ask/
Can he rock, can he roll?
Can he love with his soul?
Make you laugh uncontrollably/ Baby love you/
Baby someone to talk to/
Baby someone to touch you/
Baby someone who'll stay true/ 
If you ask, will he dance?
Will he take you by the hand?
Will he make you understand that baby you're the only one?
If the answer is yes, then baby hold on to love. 
Hold on to love."

1 comment:

Dani Stolworthy said...

oh how i love those boys! love that song. Rachel, you will be missed dear. See you in a few months love!

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