Becca Boo.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sometime during the Spring Semester, I became fed up with not being around my Becca Boo. 
So I bought a plane ticket, and flew into Los Angeles for a long weekend vacation
in La Canada with the greatest woman ever. 
Becca Anderson. 
Straight from the airport, Beccs took me to the beach. We chatted up a storm with our friend KJ, drank plenty of water and became lazy for the afternoon. 
On the way home from the beach we took a tiny detour and stopped by the house that the film "Nancy Drew" was shot at. I of course flipped because I lived off Nancy Drew books, unfortunately... I put off seeing the movie because I knew I'd dislike it and what do you know... I did. 
We took plenty of dips in the backyard pool. And also had the pleasure of helping Trent boy (Beccs 18 year old brother) come up with reasonable excuses to break up with his woman.
speedo action. 
didn't quite make it to a Dodgers Game... 
but beccs did treat me to a day at Universal Studios. 

thanks to beccs mom, stacy, we lived off glorious sweets. don't worry a fondue pot was up and running from sun up to sun down with marshmallows, strawberries and pretzels laid out and ready to dip. the whole week. 
All set to go on our Vespa Scooter ride through the neighborhood. 
bonding time with puppy Karl. 
beccs, KJ, and wa-la. 
mikey and chandler in Irvine for our friends farewells. 
this is all Lance and Trent did while stuck in traffic on the way to the farewells. 
They watched a total of 2 movies, and about shot themselves. 
and that about wraps up my weekend in La Canada at the Andersons! 
I sure do miss my Becca Boo, but no worries. We'll reunite in August!
woot woot!

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Rebecca Anderson said...

wait this is so cute i love it! i miss you too! you will be amazing in africa and i can't wait til we reunite in africa!

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