Friday, June 19, 2009

:8 Things I am looking forward to:

1. My mom's side of the family's annual vacation to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina!
It's the greatest time of the year. Definitely always in my countdown. Plus LIZ JONES will be joining us this time AGAIN. YES. 

2. My adventure to Africa where I'll finally get to meet my buddies! TWO WEEKS I SAY. 
T W O   W E E K S.  

3. For John Schmidt to get through copyright issues so that I can download and buy his piano sheet music of "Love Story Meets Viva La Vida." I dream about learning it day by day. 

4. I can't wait for my hair to be down to my butt-ox. 

5. I can't wait to see pictures of my friends weddings since I'll be in Africa during that time. 

6. I have no patience for missions. I CANT WAIT FOR MY BEST FRIENDS TO JET BACK TO THE STATES

7. I am excited to move in with my new roomies in the fall! I have such a positive/good feeling about my Junior year. so good. 

8. I am dying for when my little niece Izzie will arrive! Where are you October?

8 Things I Did Yesterday: 

1. Slept in till who knows when because I am stuck on Utah time, forever and always. 

2. Ran some errands for my madre. Didn't mind one bit, due to my homemade mixer cd and the fact that I got to drive around Georgia. This place never gets old. 

3. Caught up on my tv show Harpers Island. It's a murder mystery. 

4. Made a visit to see my friend Amanda. I got to see her wedding dress and her bridesmaids dresses.BEAUTIFUL. 

5. Took a trip to church to help my mom set up for Youth Conference. 

6. Hung out with my Kitty outside while I brushed her... 

7. Went to see my friend Drew who just got home from his mission and is now engaged. 

8. I GOT TO PLAY THE PIANO. Finally... it's been awhile. 

8 Things I Wish I Could Do: 

1. I wish I could be a legit dancer. I wish I could nail every style too and blow people out of the water. 

2. I wish to be an Interior Decorator. 

3. I wish I had my own house to paint and furnish. 

4. I wish I could enjoy reading. I try...

5. I wish I had my own private jet so that I could go anywhere I want. 

6. I wish I lived in a cottage along the French Riviera. 

7. I wish I were a movie star during the 1950's. 

8. I wish I were the designer for Anthropologie's window displays. 

8 Shows That I Watch: 

1. The Bachelorette.
2. So You Think You Can Dance. 
3. Grey's Anatomy. 
4. Harpers Island. 
5. 24
6. Twilight Zone 
7. Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) 
8. Ghost Hunters. 

8 Favorite Fruits: 

1. Nectarines. 
2. Watermelon. 
3. Peaches
4. Lemons.
5. Cantaloupe. 
6. Mango. 
7. Kiwi. 
8. Pineapple. 

8 Places I'd Like To Travel:

1. Africa (about to check off in 2 weeks!)
2. The French Riviera.
3. Greece.
4. Fiji.
5. Egypt.
6. Monaco.
7. Cannes. 
8. Italy. 

8 People I Tag:

1. Becca 
2. Sara. 
3. Ash Kirkland. 
4. Dani. 
5. Ben
6. Aaron & Megan. 
7. Kristi Neil. 
8. Karly.


Karly Kimball said...

Rach, amen to all that girl! I have no patience for our good ol' friends out on missions...they need to come back already. I also love those TV shows and wish I could be an interior designer. I have a good feeling our apartment is going to look very very cute :)

Rebecca Anderson said...

you would tag me. i will think about it ah! august needs to come sooner! love you!

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