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Friday, August 29, 2008

I am...exhausted. i think it's really awesome that i was able to move in a day before school started. so all in all, i have a load to do with little engery. shizam. I think...about past memories of last year and of how good i had it. . I know...that im going to get reallly good grades this sesmter. at least i think. I rio. sweet pork please. I have... an awesome family. even extended family. I find a good group of friends this year. because lets be honest, last years group of friends is going to be really hard to beat. actually, it's impossible. I hate...the length of missions. two years? seriously? kidding. the church is true. I miss... my kitty. i have to call and check up on her to make sure my mom is feeding her fancy feast. she is a queen, you know. I fear...that and earthquake is going to hit us and wipe us all outta this joint in good ol' happy valley. seriously, i am so paranoid. I feel... just a tad bit out of place right now. but its all good in the hood. I hear...the air conditioning running, although it aint doing too much, for we are living the the freaking saharah desert!. I smell...hummus. im obsessed. I search...for anything i own thats hidden in this wreckless apartment. I wonder...if mother nature will grant me a not so harsh winter this year and cut me some slack. I regret...quitting dance to become a cheerleader in middle school. I family. I care...about Invisible Children. I am starting a club at UVU to raise money. I always... wake up sweaty and it's the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. I am not...good at math. i despise the man who was bored enough to confuse himself as well as the world. I believe...that everyone should have a second chance. I dance... with ellen degenerous, at 80's dancing, and whenever some one gives me a beat. I sing... at the top of my lungs and lately i think i have lost my touch. i cracked five times during a celine dion song in the care and i did not know what in the world was happening to me. I don't...have good manners on the road if someone is acting like an idiot. I way to many missionary friends and it's getting really old. I win...a free cookie at subway everytime i buy a giant diet coke. I never...pee my pants if i laugh too hard. ha yeah right. that's the biggest joke if i ever heard one. I damien rice as he sings to me through my itunes. I can usually be found... at the mall stalking the beautiful man who works at the clinic counter in nordstroms. creepy? yes. I am scared of...failing a class this semester. I read... mary higgins clarke. I am happy about... my life. I tag: Ash, Shelly, Danni & Kate.


Sarah Young said...

What a funny post to pop over on! Do you really pee your pants? :)

dani said...

this is cute :) i wanna do it now haha! please come see us this weekend! miss you little cheetah cub.

this might tickle your fancy

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