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Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, after two months or so of saving up some money for some worldly obsessions of mine, I have finally tied the knot.

1. My beach Cruiser

Meet Penny. She is on her way to American Fork right now, and I can't wait to see her and put her together. She'll be coming in pieces. I can't wait to cruise with her.

2. My Cupcake Cake Pan.

And I shall bake a gigantic cupcake for every occasion. First up, a cake for my roomie Meagan. It will be her, "welcome to provo cake" and what shall i bake this in....?

3. My YELLOW Kitchen Aid.

That's right. It's not Ice Blue, and it's not my wedding. But I went into William's Sonoma today to buy my cupcake pan and there she was. Sitting all alone with a "ON SALE" sign. She's been neglected because she's a spring/summer color. So they took off an extra ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! And I stepped back and though, "Get out of here!" But I didn't. I made the purchase and I will admit, I love the color. It's bright and fun. And Rachel Green & Monica Gellar have the same on in their New York Apt from Friends.



Jake and Jenna said...

i want that bike and i want a cupcake.

Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

nice work!

Ashley Kay said...

okkkkk now-- i love the bike.
totally jealous. and i think you'll have to let me ride that baby sometime.

this might tickle your fancy

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