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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whoever thinks this Utah weather is nasty and miserable say "I." "Freaking I!" With that said, my cousin and our roommate Ashley randomly decided to pack our bags and go south for a weekend. Where did we land? Vegas. I have never been so for me it was a real adventure and I felt like quite the rebel. Did we gamble? Negative, but we did hang out in the same building as Miley Cirus! And a man thought that I was Miss Maryland, and my cousin was Miss Wisconsin and our roomie was Miss Kentucky from that Miss America reality show, so that was funny. We even got a picture with him and signed our "autographs." Oh yeah, we also got invited to a fashion party, VIP style where Jessica Simpson & Tyra Banks were going to be. Did we arrive there? Nah, we figured we could create a lot more fun together than with those a-listers. We decided to sleep and that was the best nap of my life. The weather was a treat. It was in the 50's, which is Georgia is cold, but for Utah it was amazing! A little windy though, I will add but it was our last resort. You could say I also killed two birds with one stone. I got to go to New York and Paris thanks to the Stripe. But the best part about our little vacation was going to the Las Vegas Temple on Sunday! It was my first time going to that Temple and it was so amazing! The landscaping was to die for and I never realized how huge the Temple was! Oh I could really go back right now, but no worries- Im hitting up California in two weeks! I'm just a traveling McGee!

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Jake and Jenna Vela said...

yay for updates! you're pretty.

this might tickle your fancy

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