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Friday, January 25, 2008

My lovely sister Jenna tagged me in this fun little game so now im tagging you. Actually, I take that back. Im tagging none of the above. Therefore, if you'd like to join this fun little shindig and do it yourself, then be my guest and post it on your bbb blogger.

1. If you were an animal, which would you be?
I would have to say, a LION. I am obsessed with lions. Cubs are so chubby and I once saw Ellen Degeneres the other day on her show feed a cub with a baby bottle and i drooled. When lions grow up they seem so exotic. Plus, if male lions were human, they would be sexy. Simba was and is. I cry in the Lion King, and Im going to Africa and I'll be roaming with my crew come July. Rar. (those are my intitials- crazy.)

2. If you were a city, which would you be?
Honolulu, Hawaii. Get a load of this. If I had to record a day in Honolulu this is what I picture occuring. I'd have my "wavy" hair blowing in the hot wind. I'm riding my banana yellow bike with a radio in the basket tossing my head to Jem and Rilo Kiley. I would be in a skirt and a tanktop, nothing fancy but my feet would be dressed in thongs. I have my sweet shades on with my left hand on the handle bar and my right hand occupied with a watermelon shorbet icecream cone. my point made.

3. If you were a vegetable what would you be?
Okay, I'd be celery because Jenna said I go with anything. Hummus, peanut butter, ranch. Name it , eat it. And it's fun to chew on, or peel like string cheese.

4. If you were a color what would you be?
Iguana Green. It's bright and unique and makes me think of summer.

5. If you were a fruit what would you be?
I would be a nectarine. I live off of those suckers during the summers. They are tart and oh so tasty.

6. If you were a seaon which would you be?
Easy, Summer. I love the heat, I love the sweat and I love the sun and the greenery. Everything about the summer makes me happy.

7. If you were a shoe what would you be?
I would be a flat. I like being 5'1 so heels don't please me. I don't have to worry about walking funny and they are simple and comfortable.

8. If you were a vehicle which one would you be?
Range Rover. I dont know, they are sweet. But I do love Ryder my 4Runner and I wouldn't mind keeping him around. We are pals.

9. If you were an appliance what would you be?
A banana yellow Kitchen Aid. The color amazes and I love watching ingredients mix into something yummy.

10. If you were a dessert what would you be?
I am not much of a desert fan, nor ice cream fan but i am a sucker for sherbert and shorbet. Oh did I mention my latest crave? Maestros Pink Grapefruit Gelato. oh- mother-of-pearl.

11. If you were a time of day, which would you be?
Any after hour time where the sun has set and the street lights are glaring. I love the night scene, that's when I'm most alive.

12. If you were a cereal, which would you be?
I'd be Cinnamon Life. If you eat it dry and bit a square in half, the sugar bits inside look like magic crystals. Try it, I dare you.

13. If you were an insturment, which would you be?
I would be the piano. It's plain jane but its the greatest thing to play and fall asleep to.

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The Young Family Inc. said...

I live for Cinnamon Life! And you are the cutest thing ever! XOXOX

this might tickle your fancy

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