Invisible Children

Monday, January 7, 2008

So my goal is to raise between $2000 - $3000 dollars in order to get myself to Kenya, Africa this July. Hopefully I'll be going with a service group called Empowering Nations. What we will be doing is building schools for the African children and teaching them. I am so excited to finally have the chance to go to Africa! My best friend from High School, Logan and I, got really involved with a group called Invisible Children. Basically, three boys from California decided to go to Africa to "find a story." What they found were "Invisible Children." If you want to learn more then watch these videos. You won't believe it, but it explains everything. Anyways, Logan and I found out about Invisible Children and decided to act, we began to dye tote bags the colors of Africa and then Painted the country Africa on one side with the choice of words, "Faith, Hope, Charity, & Love" on the other side. We sold these and the money we raised, we gave it to Invisible Children. Ever since then, I have had this deep desire to go to Africa myself and physically help these Invisible Children. I just got the Invisible Children Documentary Movie in the mail this week and I couldn't help but bawl while watching it. The truth that it holds is so moving and will change the lives of all. If you are interested go to the website after watching these clips to see who the Invisible Children are and how they were found by these three Californian boys.

If you Purchase the Documentary online, the money that you spend goes directly to the Children in Africa.

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Jake and Jenna Vela said...

rachie. i love that you have a desire to serve. you'll be blessed because of it. keep fundraising--i love you.

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