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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Though I do not know this Craker Barrel waitress, Danielle, I do know one thing about her- She has only ONE star sewed upon her apron. You see, on the long drive back to Georgia from Ohio, we met up with some good family friends of ours in Ohio and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Conversation was made and accusations were assumed as well. We all began to notice the stars on the aprons of the Cracker Barrel women. Some had four, others had three while there were those who had, well, one. Jokingly, Brian, our friend, said that the girls jobs depended on those stars. The more stars, the safer they were from being fired and the better hosteses they were. Our waitress only had one star.

Now Danielle here was not our waitress. I am just weird and searched Cracker Barrel people and with my luck I found a one starer, like our good ol' waitress. So any hoo, the meal continued, the jokes were made about the stars and what really wasn't funny at the time got us to laugh even more. It was early and we were all loopy so the stars were a hoot. Once we were done with our meal, our waitress began to collect our plates. She sure was pilling up, we were worried her arms couldn't handle the weight. She laughed and said she's been doing this for a long time. Really now? Interesting for a one star woman to brag and boast about her dining skills huh. Well we all locked our eyes on her as she walked off into the kitchen and we were just laughing about her comment and then my mom was all worried about handing the lady her plate because that could have killed her. Brian laughed and said, "No she's fine." Right after Brian shut his mouth we hear the chiming noise of plates shattering to pieces in the kitchen. Our table became dead silent and our eyes popped.

What are the freaking odds? So we then made bets. I bet you it was our waitress. I bet you it wasn't. Then Brian spoke up, I bet you the manager is pulling out the seam ripper and ripping off half of that star, if not the whole thing! That's when we LOST it. We were rolling, we were holding (our pants that is) and then we had to gain control because she was coming back. Brian asked if that was her, of course he'd ask, and she just hysterically laughed and claimed that it was. She asked, "So who won the bet?" We just all smirked.

We are horrible people.

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