J' adore J Crew!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I've always dreamed of hanging out with J's Crew. Yeah, Jcrew. I even emailed the company asking how to become a model for them just so I could travel with the gang to their photoshoots. I never got a response. And soon after, they stopped showing the videos of the photoshoots on their website... crap.

But in all seriousness, I want to see my life in photos such as Jcrew's pictures. Does that make sense? They make life look, classy, simple yet elegant, and bright and fun! I want to begin taking my pictures, if I am on vacation, in Jcrew form.
And I can't tell you the next time that will be...

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Anonymous said...

You make total sense. I've always totally wanted life to be like the pictures on J.Crew. Or at least take pictures like the photographer so that my life seems some what interesting. It's good to see someone share my quality in pictures and life......simple yet elegant, classy, and so much fun.

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