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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hi. That's me, Rachel. And yes, I do have a Blog now. I use to make fun of Blogs, especially during the hours of my sad life when I'd Blog Stalk other people. (No worries, I was related to all of them or close to it.) As the thought, "Wow, Blogs are lame" ran through my mind I began to be even be more embarrassed because I was the one studying other blogs and then it became an everyday check up. I think it was then safe to say that I was secretivly a "Blogger" without a Blog. I am now one of you and I will lay it on the line that this could get a little fun.

Yes, I am in college. I go to a huge University. One of the greatest in the Nation actually. You might of heard of it, Utah Valley Univeristy? Yeah.... I'm a Wolverine (not to be confused with those strange Michigan type of people.) No, I do not have a soul mate and no I do not have kin. But I do have a blog and this will be my excuse for being a slacker at Journal Writing. And I blame my slackness on having Carpoltunnel. True Story, back in my Senior Year of High School.

Well, for being my first official Blog entry, I really have nothing to say. Oh yeah, I am in Georgia right now. I just flew in today from Utah for my Christmas Break. Get a load of this- for all you dedicated and up-to-dated "24" fans, I was able to enjoy a flight to ATL with Jack's main man Curtis. I Kid you not. And when I say enjoy I mean I starring at him forever. I just couldn't stop. Really, the normal thing to do within in our human race is to strike up a conversation, but no, not I. I had to make it awkward. He sat in the row infront of me and I just starred at him through the cracks of the seat. I had a grin on my face the whole 3 hours too, minus the time I was passed out and drooling. I can't help but look back and think "Wow that was awesome and you idiot, you forgot to take a picture."

So that's my story of the day. Eat your heart out and Bloggers- welcome to my new Blog.

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