Paris, France II

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Paris is insanely romantic as they say, and I wouldn't want to spend my time there with anyone else but Zeke. Even on nights where it rained, Paris smelled so sweet and the cafe & street lights sparkled just as bright as the Eiffel Tower, which not to mention is the most intricate and delicate looking structure of architecture I have ever seen. Up close it looks like a tower of lace!

We spent a lot of our time walking along the Seine River and shopping the local vintage magazine and book stands. I felt like the luckiest girl alive when I discovered a vintage magazine issue of Grace Kelly's royal wedding to Prince Rainier. The magazine itself was larger than life, in great condition and also held many photographs from the wedding that I had never seen. You know I purchased that in a heartbeat!

Aside from the french bakeries, we really couldn't figure out Parisian cuisine. Dinner was probably our least favorite meal, but the breakfast, snacks and lunches throughout the day were so delicious and so simple. Pains au chocolat, salami & cheese baguettes with butter, croque madames and monsieur's, bottles of orangina on the go, and you can't forget the macaroons. This is what we devoured throughout the day, and we ate so much of it that by dinner time, we weren't nearly as hungry as we were exhausted.

I loved getting on the Metro in Paris and listening to the parisian music played live on the accordion. If we got lucky enough to hop on a train and listen to it, I'd close my eyes and I would pretend as though I was transported back in the 20's during Paris. Think of the movie 'Midnight in Paris.' That is how I felt. It was so magical. Paris is a wonderful thing.

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