Mykonos, Greece.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oh Mykonos. I'm beginning to believe that I may love you more than Santorini. Hard to believe, I know. It's just that Mykonos is so bright and cheerful, there is so much pattern with the help of the pavement, which is not individual rocks. It somewhat flat ground and the locals PAINT the white circular print with paint over it! We saw them painting in one area where the paint was beginning to fade! It's just amazing that they take the time do to that throughout the whole town, and for thank I am thankful! It adds so much character to Mykonos. It is said that the reason for Mykonos acting as a maze and making it very easy to get lost in all the alleyways was to keep pirates from going any further than from entering the town. Once they came ashore, all the locals would gather at the tops of their homes and shoot the pirates from the rooftops as the pirates became more and more confused and lost, not knowing which way to run and which way they came from. I love that.

Orange Tabby cats roam the place and they are all so friendly and cute, basking in the sun and taking cat naps on the pillows placed outside of the shops just for them. We continued to eat our way through Greece with more Greek salads and Gyros, but the treat that takes the cake was Mykonos' crepes! My gosh. We went back to this one crepe shop 4 times in one day. FOUR TIMES! Later in the month we traveled to Paris where I assumed the crepes would be hard to beat, but Mykonos won them over. I've never had a crepe quite like these ones.

I'm still thinking about them today and practically drooling.

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