Ephesus, Turkey.

Friday, September 11, 2015

I have always wanted to travel and go on an archeological dig. Exploring Ephesus, Turkey was probably as close to an archeological dig as I could get to so far in my lifetime. I am being for real when I say that while walking through the ruins, there were tents pitched and archeologists were digging and dusting off new found ruins in the ground and I was dying deep down inside. What a treasure hunt! I so badly wanted to join in. I can't even explain to you the level of my amazement while walking through Ephesus. Just like Athens and most of Santorini, everything was marble. The ground we walked on was so slippery I almost broke my back more times than I can count, but my gosh how beautiful the marble ground was. It amazes me that all of this was built in a time where they didn't have the technology and the tools that we have today - it makes it all that much more jaw dropping and truly a work of art and I hope it will always continue to be restored to stand the test of time. What is so baffling to me, is that with the tools and machinery we have today, you'd think our buildings and architecture would be so exquisite, and so thought out with an abundance of detail. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case, at least not in America. Everything is so plain and simple in structure and the mediums used are harsh looking and so contemperary and modern. There is no after thought or character given and it's such a shame. I don't know if we are all lazy, or the passion of architecture has fleeted or if we have the mentality of building fast and building more. It's like shopping - buy less, choose well. Instead, everyone is buying more and more as fast as they can and what they consume is cheap. What a shame.

 I am so grateful for these historic ruins and buildings and all of the architecture around the world that allows history to stay present and to give us a feel and an outlet to the past - even if it's just a small taste of back then. I guess that's all I'm trying to say.

Now, the food in Turkey, sort of questionable. There were only two things I loved - Turkish Delights (I have dreamt of popping those Turkish Delights in my mouth since I was a little girl thanks to Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe) and Baklava. I had to bend over and eat the Baklava it was that messy. Honey just oozed out of pistachio covered square of heaven. It was insane. Now, the chicken kabobs made me a little nervous. And I love food, I'm just about the least picky eater and I'll consume anything I see, just like my dog Banjo. But the chicken kabobs.... once I saw that chicken and pork twirling on a metal rod with all the juice oozing out, I thought I was going to puke. You have to see it to understand what I mean, something just wasn't right there. I didn't eat my way through Turkey like I did in Italy & Greece. I wasn't ready to risk getting food poisoning the rest of my holiday....

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