into the wild among the majesties.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tucked into the Aspens & Pines and into the wild we slept this weekend. Into the canyon and beyond Tibble Fork Reservoir, the Zoo and I along with friends, camped among Utah's majesties. From time to time, though I am surrounded by the mountain range, I forget how beautiful Utah is until I emerge myself into the deep woods of the pines.

We found the most perfect camping spot right along a stream which the Zoo and I went in and explored for hours. During the day, the Zoo fished at the reservoir, though we caught nothing, he did teach me a thing or two. With a campfire, hotdogs, marshmallows and the smell of fresh sap we spent the night telling ghost stories and laughing. We could sense fall just right around the corner, and though summer is my favorite season, I will say when in Utah, it's fall I look forward to.

I've always loved camping. I grew up camping with my family and grandparents in the woods of West Virginia and Florida and it was always some of my favorite times spent with them. With that, I do have a liking for camping but I'm always reminded the next morning how just a weekend of camping is good enough for me. I feel like death warmed over, and I probably smell like it too. To end our camping trip we decided to take a detour and drive through the Alpine loop looking for moose and all sorts of wildlife. Unfortunately, my car decided to dish us some trouble and basically died up in the mountains so we coasted all the way down the mountain till we hit the Sundance Ski Resort and waited in the shade for a tow truck in major style. Sweat pants, hoodie and a nasty top knot having not showered in quite some time. It was awesome. Some guy named Shane saved our lives and we had to take Ryder my 4Runner to the shop.

Didn't see that one coming, but it also didn't put a damper onto our trip, just a little bit of excitement to our adventure. I'd say we had a blast overall. It was a great reminder that we need to spend more time in the mountains and take advantage of Utah's purple mountain majesties.

Tomorrow we leave for a week in California to celebrate the marriage of a good family friend of ours. We'll be taking a pit stop over night in Vegas staying at the Luxor Hotel which I'm pretty pumped for. Oh you know, it's just the Egyptian Pyramid along the freeway, you see. And you know I love all things Egyptian so let the wild rumpus begin!

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