summer limbo.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

i'm stuck in a summer limbo and I can't seem to get out of it. probably because i'm not ready to leave the summer life and move on to the fall. it's just really hard when im inside my new home, that for once is not so dark! my kitchen, holy cow is nothing more than starch white. with cupboards after cupboards. not to mention all of the knobs on those cupboards are red ceramic flowers.

the zoo and i went crazy with painting when we first moved in. the living room is as bright as i'll get out. it's somewhere between a green & a blue. to give you a better idea, the paint swatch is called, 'mermaid song.' the brick fireplace is white, the 1920s furnaces are white. our couch is white with yellow velvet pillows. we are planning on purchasing a bright red turkish rug. i just dont know how i am going to be able to pull off the feel of halloween in my home. my favorite season (summer) and my favorite holiday (halloween) are about to clash... and i dont know if im martha stewart enough to make this happen. how distracting will it be with the black and orange against a mermaid song wall? will i even be able to get in my spook zone with the walls being so bright?

not to mention, our street is lined up with trees that hang over the curbs. i am very grateful for this because it's lush and reminds me somewhat of georgia. but apparently, fall has hit... but the leaves are still green. and they fill up the whole two front windows of my home. and with the sun shining and beating in, i can't help but feel like it's still summer out. and with the costco rampage that the zoo and i just went on, and got all sorts of fruit rather than soups and pumpkin pies... that's not adding up either. so i am in such a summer limbo.

goal for the weekend is to plan out some halloween decor and get it done, make it happen and do the best that i can to submerge myself into halloween limbo. what really does help though, might i add, is Twilight Zone Tuesdays. This is a new tradition the zoo and I are beginning. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Twilight Zone. It makes me think of my Dad because this is one of the things we love to do together is watch episodes upon episodes of this at home. So there aint nothing spookier and freakier than a twilight zone to fill up your home, that's for sure!

wish me luck!

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