fell into a swoon with miami.

Friday, September 21, 2012

let me tell you a little something about myself. there's nothing i love more than these things : old hollywood regency style :: art deco :: slim aarons photography :: palm beach socialites :: fashion :: the island life :: glam :: and these are just to name a few. but what makes me go wacko happy is when a genius puts them all together for my own personal sake. im in miami. im in south beach. im pretending like im dated back to the 50-60's. im pretending im a socialite. im hoping zeke has no idea i pretend to be these things as my form of 'dress up' in my head. and im in my zone. the air is hot and heavy, smells like the salt of the ocean. the palms are creating large canopies over my head. there is a light mist from the previous tropical storm. people are laughing and enjoying themselves to delicious food and bumpin' music. the architecture is building walls around me that i can't even breathe im so taken in by the backdrop. there are starch white cathedrals, art deco hotels, cobblestone pathways. im seriously living the dream. im feeling as though im in a snap shot of my favorite photographer, slim aarons who too had a fetish for this sort of life. he loved the vision of it, he loved the personalities and the character traits of the socialists he photographed. their way of living was so over the top fabulous that you couldn't even bare it. let's just be honest, i was having a field day. i mean, i just had dinner at the raleigh hotel where photographs grazed the walls of marilyn monroe, james dean, you name it making their visits through the 1940's era of a hotel. it was like i had blasted myself into the past. 

all of a sudden BAM : i stop dead in my footsteps to see a beautifully clean white store with splashes of colors beaming out through the open glass windows. of course it catches me eye, its JCrew for crying out loud! I walked inside and thought this is not real life. I have never seen a jcrew floor plan laid out like so. so glamorous, so retro, so old hollywood. so clean. There were long white curtains hanging from ceiling to floor covering every wall and forming dressing rooms. every single piece that jcrew was selling for the season you see flipping through the pages of the style guide were all there.  beautiful gold racks of clothes lines up with an assortment of fabrics from brocades to tweed. piles of table books ranging from art, interior, fashion to travel. everything was there, perfectly placed in the most beautiful way. and to top it all off. the dressing rooms had all of my favorite SLIM AARONS photos of the socialites in palm beach, south beach miami, you name it. oh it happened. and i was having a blast! zeke just sat on the couch, thankful for the air conditioner and just laughed as i was acting like a dramatic artist, which i am so there is my justification for acting this way. one day, the zoo will understand me. one day. until then... im just going to entertain him with my lavish dreamful ways. 

more to come on the raleigh and other art deco hotels lining the streets of south beach.

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