Wednesday, July 25, 2012

holy moly me oh my. my life is consumed with wedding bells and planning. do i dare jump the gun and say it's a blast? eh... lets just say it has its ups and downs. i can confidently say, it's not as bad as i thought it would be. the days that are "bad" are just days when im mopping and most likely exaggerating the pain of it all. my mom has been a wonder woman, being all organized and all. she's such a trooper.

this past weekend the zoo and i had our photo shoot for engagements by my favorite photographer, leo patrone. i am so antsy to get back the proofs come monday. and because utah's weather hasn't been so friendly, and leo really wants the perfect scenery with the sun, we get the privilege to have another shoot with him next week. im super pumped. on another exciting note, zeke and i found a 1920's bungalow style home to rent for life! shizam! it's on the most magical street with big trees lining up on both sides. just what i was hoping for. the home looks like one you'd imagine in every halloween moving growing up, so my heart has been pitter-patter with all of the day dreaming going on in my head for the month of october. i just can't wait to decorate a  home! on a budget of course. next up is finally purchasing a external hard drive so i can actually upload photos on my computer of my southern island vacation. can't believe i have no room on this desktop.  oh and one more final note : we are jetting to the grand cayman islands in the caribbean for the honeymoon. say it isn't so....

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