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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love looking at interior design blogs and seeing a visual of the collaboration of rooms coming together. Dont ask me why, but visually viewing the room in a collage order is really exciting and pretty to me. Weird, I'm so well aware. Well I have to give myself a pat on the back for tiding up my room today and being really on top of it when it comes to keeping it almost clean 24/7. My room is a place that I find defines who I am and what I love and what intrigues me and makes me happy. I have to have my room pleasing to my eye or else I cannot step foot into it.

My last apartment I lived in, my room was the 'attic.' Though awesome in space since it was rather large, it just had a bunch of crap piled in there. Mostly furniture which was not mine but extra for the apartment. So I felt a little uncomfortable in my room. I'd say it wasn't me at all. BUT in this new apartment of mine, I've really gone out of my way to try and make it my own. And I must say, it has been my favorite room yet while in college.

Above shows exact pieces or pieces that resemble items in my room. The kelly green dresser with black tassels and gold chest-like accents has been one of my absolute favorite dressers surfing the web. Though that is not my exact dresser, Zekey Zoo, the handy man that he is helped me restore a DI dresser I bought for $25.00. We sprayed it a kelly green, added the gold corner plates and added something a little new.... those Anthropologie Cream Knocker Knobs you see above. I think I have fallen in love with my finished dresser.

For any of you antique hunters, I have a great place for you to explore if you're living in Utah and in the valley. Planted Earth in Orem. They have the BEST FINDS. That is where I found my vintage bed frame and headboard similar to the one pictured above. I also found my favorite find, an Old Hollywood Regency white porcelain bamboo floral pelican lamp stand imported from Paris. Yes, I died when Penny, the owner of the store informed me of the news and I was blown away when the price was revealed. Good deal, great find, we too fell in love. The Bamboo Lamp Stand shown above is not the one that I own but similar. Though, mine is thicker in size with flowers and a pelican carved out of it. (pictures to come.)

A lot of items that fill my room have been slowly collected throughout the years. I was given the bedspread for a high school graduation gift from my Dad's close friend. I guess you could say he's somewhat of a Godparent. We call him Mr. Silk. Why? Because he's always wearing silk, and truth be told... we think he's a part of the mafia. Pretty cool if you ask me. The yellow chrome vintage garden chair is not the exact one that I have but pretty similar in style. Instead of chrome, my wire chair is white with a yellow cushion but is a vintage garden chair I found at a boutique in Riverwoods a few years back.

Gold ornate mirror was a find off of craigslist in Park City, cheap as can be, and the Yellow flower vase was a recent birthday gift from my parents. I am a sucker for table books, especially books of people I admire, get inspiration from and flat out adore, such as Frank Sinatra, Vera Neumann, and Alfred Hitchcock to name a few. The Grace Kelly drawing is actually one of my own that I drew within the past year for my Drawing II class. This drawing I will be selling on my upcoming website that will launch within the next month or so. And you can't go wrong with this floral wire table, which is also a recent birthday gift. It totally has that Old Hollywood Regency feel and the color in person is a true Kelly Green, don't be dismayed. Just like collecting my table books, I too collect vintage travel posters and this right here is the latest and by far the greatest one. Matches the exact colors of my bedspread.

Anyhoo, I'll post pictures soon of my dresser and what not to show the before and after of the remodeling. I think Zekey Zoo had a blast working on it as he is quite the handy man. To view or purchase items, list is below.

1. Anthropologie Ripe Melon Pull 2. Anthropologie Pretty Pansy Vase 3. Anthropologie Capri Blue Jar Candle, Indigo (Volcano) 4. Gold Carved Giltwood Mirror 5. Yellow Incised Iron Three-Leg Side Chair After Mathieu Mategot 6. Sinatra : Frank and Friendly Book 7. Vera: The Art and Life of an Icon 8. Alfred Hitchcock : The Complete Films 9. Grace Kelly Drawing : email to order 10. Flourish Storage Side Table 11. Royal Mail, West Indies Giclee Print

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