23 never looked so good.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Like I blogged about before... I did eat wings for my birthday dinner, I did pull through with my traditional birthday cake, "The Stella Cake." which, I do believe was the best part of the night. We did go to the park and I did last minute use my white urchin, as I like to call it, garland for the trees. We didn't play monopoly and we did resort to card games, which we did not play due to how chilly it got that night. BUT that's okay, because everything else fell into it's place. I had small, but great company, wonderful gifts and the best of all was Zekey Zoos'. He took the time to buy me my replacement bike of penny lane, who was stolen earlier in the year, and painted my new almond butter cruiser who I shall call, Minnie Jackson. Minnie and I are in love and I can't wait to ride her around town. Though she is still in the works and looking forward to her new brown leather handle bars and seat, Minnie and I can't help but love to ring our new vintage golden bell. She's a dream. RIP Penny Lane, I'm still on the lookout for you and when I find you I will fight for you back, even if that involves my fist.

23 has never looked so good. Now, I just dread turning 24...

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